Reach to the sky shaped our success with the MO For Success Coaching Programme, which gave us practical solutions, structure and templates to build a successful business group now worth millions of pounds.
Mr E Simms, CEO - London

Upon receiving a Success Coaching session from Reach to the sky. I was empowered to start my own company and business from scratch. Now I have my own clothing line and overseas production and warehouse.
Tim Ayon, 29, Fashion Designer - Dunstable

Thank you Reach to the sky what can I say I have seen the light I took the leap to expand my business and moving my operation out of my bedroom to an office, now we have a full working staff and three separate departments as Dr. Johnson calls it the M.O.E factor. We are glad we hired him in, he is worth every penny.
Ms P Lakewood, Managing Director - West London

Thank you to Reach to the sky for adding value to my life.
Mr Wayne Gordon, Probation Officer and Youth Worker (YOT) - South London

Just what I needed Dr. J rocks.
Anonymous Celebrity -

I'm still reaching for the sky. Thank you Reach to the sky Dr. J was tough which in turn kick-started my acting career, landing me leading roles on ITV ‘Bad Girls’, BBC, films and more.
Ms A Okonma, Actress - West London

I am blessed to have discovered Reach to the sky they were there for me every step.
Ms Wendy Martinez 35, Metropolitan Police - West London

If you want success now get Dr. J he did it for me.
Anonymous, JUST, Freelance Systems Consultant - Edgware London

Dr. Johnson is my mentor as well as my success Life Coach, he introduced me to a new world of mental and spiritual growth which equipped me to succeed in many ways opening new opportunities and connections as a business woman, inventor and radio DJ which I am so grateful.
Sandy and Sandy Enterprises,
Ms Sandy Henry, mother of two adult children - Hays Middlesex

I am still here because Dr decide to help me as I attempted to commit suicide by drowning, due to sudden depression of the rejection of losing my girlfriend to another man Dr. J was there to show me I can make it and reach to the sky, a great coach in a time of need.
Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor - Luton Bedfordshire

After much needed career, relationship and lifestyle coaching by Dr. Johnson I refocused, I looked pass my limitations at the time as an immigrant and with Dr’s help focused on my goals and took my rightful leadership position. I am a happier man and reaching my goals using the positive thinking power of my mind that Dr taught me I now have received my UK citizenship. Dr is a God sent.
Mr Christopher Gardner, 48, father of 3
- Luton

I regard Dr J as my mentor and a great success coach, he believed in me all the way I am now where I want to be. 
Mr Kyle Prime - Fitness First Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor - Wembley Middlesex

I would not listen to anyone else but I listened to Dr Johnson because I just could feel he cared! He helped me with my confidence, purpose and self worth.
Craig Brown, Student, 16, - Hendon London

I had a negative and a bad attitude Dr Johnson helped me help myself to discover my self worth now I want to be a Life Coach like Dr Johnson.
Conner Cook, 18, Student - Stanmore London

I was expelled from my school for my aggressive behaviour. I learned a lot from Dr Johnson which help shape my maturity today, I now have goals and a focus, my mother loves this guy and wishes to know more people like him.
Woody Powell, 19 - Burnt Oak London.

Dr. J has a big heart. Through his Success Programmes he has helped me to see things in a different way. For that I am thankful.
Mr. E Dublin 54, Business strategist - Layton London

It was Dr J’s help with the tools and goals set that help me succeed as an actor I have now been in films with Hollywood star Danny Glover and many other household names it’s my time.
Actor - East London

Reach to the sky provided many resources that help in my pursuit of success especially their secret weapon Dr J.
Coach A Lyken, CEO - father of 4, 45 - Croydon London

Reach to the sky has helped me through connecting me with Dr. J which has been a great help and support to me, my dear Success Coach.
Dr. O Ajayi Secretary-General ACLGI, FRSA, FCMI, Government advisor - Milton Keynes

Thanks to Reach to the sky I have been able to set and achieve clear goals, which has given me options I did not see before, I recommend Dr Johnson every time. I cannot thank him enough for the effective success career and relationship coaching which has made a positive impact and difference in my life.
Mr Jude Linton 28, Musician & Teacher - Manchester

Dr is my number one mentor and role model. He helped me maintain and overcome drug addiction. Setting goals was a new thing to me, but it proved successful. I started taking responsibility. I discovered my purpose and career path.
Mr. Mark Sutherland, father of 5, 48 – Bristol

With Dr J’s success relationship and personal coaching it helped to boost my confidence, overcome fear, paranoia and gained direction and success thanks to Dr. J I am now happily married with a child and dream house, dream cars, and dream life at the age of 28 which were all my SMART Goals that I set. God has blessed me.
Mr & Mrs Lawrence - Buckinghamshire